Using Business Stories to Build Better Software by Susan Windsor

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Using Business Stories to Build Better Software

 As an industry, one thing we’ve consistently failed to do is meet the software requirements of business in an
efficient, timely and cost effective way. Agile approaches are one way to solve this problem and for certain
organisations and systems it’s an excellent solution. But the ‘pure’ agile approach is not for everyone and
many organisations find it difficult to scale their agile success or merge agile teams into a larger programme of
more structured work.

This talk introduces Business Story Method which shows how using structured Business Stories at the heart of
software development can help to meet these challenges, independent of your development approach.

 Specific topics covered include:

– Applying agile thinking to business analysis and testing
– Overcoming communications issues in organisational silos
– Applying an Acceptance Driven Development approach
– Adopting a lean approach and agile disciplines at a team level
– Delivering value to stakeholders rather than just working software

 Business Story Method is a very powerful, effective and natural way to work. It includes techniques suchas specification and example, project profiling, ubiquitous language, ‘trusted’ requirements and test driven
development. In summary, it provides a stable framework for development and quality assurance.

Attend this session and learn more about how this method can be used within your own project team. You’ll
also receive a free Business Story Pocketbook to help you implement some of these techniques.

Speaker Bio: Susan Windsor

Susan is a specialist in Assurance, often involved in turning around troubled projects. She has been
responsible for the delivery of software solutions for many years, as a service provider and as IT Manager for a
Global Oil Company.

From small niche solutions through to large multi-geography/supplier programmes she has delivered testing
services and consultancy as a Director of a specialist Test Consultancy and as manager of IBM’s UK Testing
Services business.

Susan has spoken at many industry conferences throughout Europe, including EuroSTAR, Belgium Testing Days,
Testing in Finance, Soft Test, BCS SIGIST, Next Generation Testing and ExpoQA . She is a Principal of Gerrard
Consulting and is the programme chair for the Test Management Forum and Test Analysis Forum. She is also
co-author of the Business Story Pocketbook.

Dublin Event Times:

Wednesday 13th February 17.45 – 19.30
Venue: IBEC 84/86 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2

Belfast Event Times:
Thursday 14th February 12.00 – 14.00
Venue – TBC

We would like to thank our sponsors:

Sogeti, Intertrade Ireland, HP, SQS and the Software Skillnet.

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