Two October 1/2 Day Workshops: Exploratory Testing and Coaching Testers

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Coaching Testers (1/2 day workshop)

Wednesday, 30 October 2013 from 09:30 to 13:00 (GMT)  
Belfast, Holiday Inn


Lets face it, as much as we want to send our testers on lots of
training, often time and looming deadlines make it hard to dedicate

space to training.  In addition, the role of the tester is changing
especially in the agile community where more and more a sole tester
needs to rely on developers to test. The trouble is, how do you coach
a developer to test? How do you impart the skills a developer needs
without resorting to heavy test plans, templates and test scripts that
often have developers running for the door?

Introducing my class on coaching testers (and developers). James Bach
and I have developed a systematic way to coach testers. Its based on
skill transference, its practical and often leaves the student leaving
motivated and inspired to test!

Join me for a short and practical class on this approach. You’ll need
a laptop with Skype installed.

Exploratory Testing Workshop (1/2 day workshop)

Thursday, 31 October 2013 from 09:30 to 13:00 (GMT)
Dublin, IBEC Confederation House, Baggot Street


In this class, were going to take one product and test it using an
Exploratory Testing approach. We’re going to discover how we can test
the product in a systematic way that allows us to perform deep
exploratory testing. This class is less about describing and more
about experiencing what Systematic Exploratory Testing. By the end of
the class you will have:

Created an exploratory testing strategy
Created models of the product using Mindmaps
Used heuristics to help discover bugs
Provided a report on our testing.

This half day workshop by Anne-Marie Charrett takes testers through
the experience of Exploratory Testing. It’s practical and fun and by
the end of the class you will be bursting with ideas on how to
implement these ideas at your workplace.

Material will be provided at the end of the class for students to take
away and further investigate Exploratory Testing.

Please bring a laptop with wireless connectivity (Wireless will be supplied).



Anne-Marie is a software tester, trainer and coach with a reputation
of excellence and passion for the craft of software testing.

An electronic engineer by trade, software testing chose her when she
started conformance testing against European standards. She now
consults and trains testers specialising in transforming test teams
into powerhouses of testing skill.

Anne-Marie currently lectures at the University of Technology, Sydney
on software testing.

She blogs at and offers the occasional tweet at @charrett.

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