SoftTest Galway Event – Work Smarter – Test Less?

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Speaker: Paula O’Grady
Title: Work Smarter – Test Less?
Date: 19th April, 6pm-7pm
Location: Portershed | Eyre Square | H91 HY51 Galway

Abstract: Summary
We are fortunate to work in an age of constant innovation.  This is particularly true of the software industry.  Not only are the boundaries of what we test constantly changing, but the tools and methodologies that we use are likely to be updated regularly.  The types of testing we do now are so diverse, and the required skillsets are often complex.  There is a real need to constantly upskill which is fantastic in theory, but as we know the reality can be far from ideal.  We are restricted by our day to day schedules, and it can be near impossible to squeeze in the required training and preparation for future projects.
In my experience, there is rarely enough time and resources allocated to innovation and upskilling for future development cycles.  As testers, we need to find ways of working smarter and effectively doing more with less time.  This can seem like an uphill battle, and if not approached correctly can cause a damaging and negative impact for you and your team.

Key Takeaways
1. As testers we need to find our voice and have more confidence when it comes to pushing for more time for upskilling activities, and making it a constant feature of our planning sessions.
2. We need to build smart test environments that are extensible for the future and that are more than just functional.
3. There are many ways to learn new skills, we need to focus on the most efficient methods.

Speaker Biography
I began my first job as a software tester 19 years ago, and since then I have worked in many QA related roles for companies including Microsoft, HP, Nortel, BrightWork, and Cisco.  My primary qualification is a B.Sc. (Eng.) in Information Technology, but over the years I have gained accreditations in Quality Assurance, Test Management, and various Microsoft qualifications.

Many thanks to our 2018 Sponsors Deloitte, SQS and Test Triangle for their support.

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