Softtest Event May 2013 – “Moving from Traditional to Scrum” & “Making Agile testing work”

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Two talks and three locations for the May event!



1. Moving from Traditional to Scrum by Andy Redwood

2. Making Agile testing work by Pablo Garcia

Moving from Traditional to Scrum

 In the current financial climate it is prudent to spend some money to save more money where possible. Within testing services centres, it is common to attempt to plan, design, automate and execute your tests in the most efficient and effective way possible. At times this means taking the difficult decisions to move away from what you have done for years and change to more modern and potentially more efficient methods – such as Agile and in particular – Scrum (well nearly).

In an organisation of this size, changing all your lines of business to an agile world is challenging, particularly when you happen to be number 2 in the fortune 500, but we made the decision to do it. It’s a work in progress, but here is our story to date….

 Andy Redwood Bio:

Andy has presented many times at the BCS Sigist in London during the last 15 years or so.

Andy’s is a senior testing practitioner managing large global test teams within an Investment Bank.

Andy also has a duty to integrate corporate test strategy, aligning with business objectives, strategic architecture, and life-cycle processes to deliver tangible benefits both onshore and offshore. Andy has lead teams that have saved over £30M in a year through removing diversity across departments and subsidiaries, inter-department process, commercial inefficiency and geographic or cultural differences, not just for testing activities, but for the greater corporate good.

Andy has a personal industry profile and is a regular public speaker at international conferences. He was Chair of the UK ISEB International standards Panel in 2003/4, the UK representative to the International Board in 2003. In 2004 he founded the ISEB UK Executive Committee at the request of David Clarke, the Chief Executive of the British Computer Society.

Andy was awarded the EuroSTAR Award for outstanding contribution to the Software Testing Industry in Europe, in December 2005, following a previous nomination in 2003.

 Making Agile testing work (Two Case Studies)

 All implementations of test organizations and methods used in the industry are unique, this is so since every company, product and organization have different needs.

This presentation shows two different implemetations from two companies in Sweden.

-The first Case study (International travel Agency) presents the transformation from a V-model development method, with its traditional test levels to a currently well working Agile development method with test in different levels with much better results in the delivered quality.

-The second Case study (Swedish newspaper) had a fully Agile approach completely without testing, the presentation will show how testing was introduced with the support of the developers and all the actions taken to keep the developers happy during the transition.

Pablo Garcia Bio:

Pablo Garcia Munos is a well known profile in the Swedish testing industry.

He has educated over 500 testers and runs his own testing company (Redmind) in Sweden.

Beside speaking at conferences he takes on assignments like Process definitions, efficiency improvements and Agile coaching.

Pablo is head of international relations in SAST (Swedish Associations for Software Testers)

Dates, Locations and Eventbrite registration links

Date:   May 14th 6.00 – 8.30pm

Venue:    Central Hotel Exchequer Street, Dublin
Regristration link:

Date:     May 15th 11am
Venue:    Pillo Hotel Headford Road, Galway
Regristration link:

Date:     May 16th 12 noon 
Venue:    Holiday Inn Ormeau Avenue, Belfast
Regristration link:

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