QA Software Testing Event

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QA Software Testing Event

Date:  Wednesday 25th April 2018

Time: 9.30am – 12:30pm

Location:  DELL Conference Room, City Gate, Mahon, Cork

Light lunch sponsored by it@cork skillnet and facility provided by DELL



Speakers followed by a Q & A session and light lunch


Rob Meaney, Poppulo

Title: From tester to test coach, a voyage into the unknown
Rob believes that the evolving role of a tester is to advocate for, and encourage the right testing to be done, rather than performing the testing activity.
As a result of this belief he embarks on a journey, from being a dedicated tester on a scrum team to a test coach advocating for quality and influencing test practices across an entire organisation.
In this session he will discuss the emotions, obstacles, successes and learning that he experienced during his journey so far. He talks through the results of his efforts and provides advice for anyone going on this journey.
Margaret Dineen,  Expert Software

Title: Quality Engineering – “Who owns quality – if you have to ask then something is wrong”
Organisations have adopted agile frameworks and the concept of cross-functional teams, so when something ugly happens to a production system, why is one of the first questions still asked “Why wasn’t this found in Test?” If we can identify where the ownership for quality lies and what quality encompasses, then maybe we can finally move away from blaming production failures on poor testing. In this talk Margaret discusses moving from Testing to Quality Engineering, why it’s such an important concept for agile teams to embrace, and why it is never too soon to start addressing it.

Places limited so please RSVP by 19th April to Annette at

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