Ole Lensmar, CTO, SmartBear Software

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Dublin Tuesday February 3rd February 2015 6pm to 8 pm
Venue to be confirmed

Registration via this link: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/february-ole-lensmar-tickets-15498054097

The rise and rise of API testing in the “Connected World”


Ole will give a fascinating overview of the history, now and future for the API economy. During this session Ole will talk about the emergence of “IoT” and engage the audience about how software applications for Social, Mobile, Cloud and Enterprise are driving API development trends and creating new testing challenges.

ole-lensmarOle Lensmar is Chief Technology Officer at SmartBear Software, allowing him to live his passion for software development in a creative and thriving work environment. Ole is the co-founder of Eviware Software which was acquired by SmartBear in 2011, and also the co-founder of base8, an XML oriented consulting company in 1996, acquired by the publicly traded Mogul in 1998. Ole worked as CTO, product owner and lead evangelist for Mogul’s software portfolio, including an XML based CMS and a high performance search engine.

At Eviware Software, Ole created SoapUI, now the most used open source testing tool in the world with five million downloads and one million active users. He speaks frequently on the importance of API testing and other related topics, most recently at STARWEST 2013, the API Strategy & Practice Conference, and API Days.

This is Ole’s first visit to Ireland following SmartBear’s expansion into the EMEA region and the establishment of their Sales and Operations Centre in Galway.

Note to Northern Ireland Members.

Unfortunately Ole is unable due to other commitments to visit Belfast this time round. However the timing of the event would make it possible to travel to Dublin attend the event and return North in a reasonable timeframe. Suggest train times to Dublin would be

Belfast Departs

14:05 Dep         Arr 16:17
16:05 Dep         Arr 18:15

Dublin departs

20:50 Dep         Arr 22:55

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