Multi event: Why Isn’t Testing Taken Seriously?

BY : softtestireland - Thursday, April 9th, 2015 at 3:13 pm

SoftTest in association with ISA Skillnet presents

Talk: ‘Why Isn’t Testing Taken Seriously?’

Speaker: Chris Ambler

Note: Belfast has second speaker Mary Walsh presenting ‘Avoiding the Availability Heuristic’ as per previous email.

Galway: Tuesday 21st April 2015, 3.30pm – 5pm Location: Connaught Hotel, Dublin Road

Dublin: Wednesday 22nd April 2015, 6pm – 7.30pm Location: IBEC, 84-86 lower Baggot Street , Dublin 2

Belfast: Thursday 23rd April 2015, 12 noon – 2pm Location: Holiday Inn, Ormeau Avenue, Belfast

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Chris Ambler: Why Isn’t Testing Taken Seriously Abstract

Wherever I go and wherever I’ve been, there seems to be a definite ‘scepticism’ of the testing effort. If I had a penny for every time someone in an organisation said to me “Oh I used to be a tester” or “I used to be responsible for testing”, I would be a rich man! Most of them go on to prove that they don’t actually understand the values and skills needed to carry out the testing disciplines needed in today’s complex, fast moving commercial world. So why isn’t testing taken seriously? This presentation discusses some of the reasons for this:

  • Lack of understanding
  • A feeling that testing is ‘easy’
  • No thought for the planning and preparation needed
  • Time and money – ‘Time on the plan shortens the timespan’
  • Lack of trust
  • Fear
  • Politics
  • Or just plain arrogance

Or is it the testers fault?  Do we fail to explain the importance of what we do and build the processes and disciplines needed to convince our stakeholders that testing is necessary. We need to EDUCATE, EVANGELISE and ENCOURAGE our stakeholders, colleagues and decision makers. Testers need to sit at the top table giving us a voice in the corridors of power. This will allow us to influence the policies and values or the organisation and take some of these issues away.

Starting with a short history of testing through to the future of testing on The Internet of Things, BYOD and the cloud, this talk will lay out the future of our discipline and the skills needed for us to succeed.


With a degree in computer science and as a Fellow of the British Computer Society, Chris is a senior testing professional with over 30 years’ experience in the IT industry. He is passionate about product and process quality but obviously understands this comes at a price whilst trying to adopt the concept of ‘good enough’ testing to ensure value for money and to quantify return on investment.

Currently he is Director – Digital Entertainment at Edge Testing after being the Head Of Testing for Capita Customer Management but previously has lead testing teams in a multitude of different industries, both local, national and international and has developed world class QA testing facilities across Europe for both Electronic Arts and Microsoft Game Studios along with defining the strategy and delivery methodologies for a number of high value customers in defence, testing combat systems, test management and consultancy working with various banks, insurance companies and the likes of Orange, Seeboard, Transport For London, Lombard, the Home Office, Sky Television, Sega and Maersk to name but a few…

Chris is passionate about his craft and has spoken at conferences all over the world. He introduced the first games testing track within one of Europe’s main testing conferences along with successfully delivering a unique testing conference called ‘TestFest’ in 2012 which was attended by over 100 industry leaders. He was also a judge for the 2014 European Tester Awards.

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