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Talk: Mobile Test Management
Speaker: Daniel Knott
Date: Wednesday 30th June
Time: 6pm

About the talk

I was a professional software tester for 10 years. During that time I worked for different companies in different testing roles. In 2011, I started a blog about software testing and in 2014/ 2015 I wrote two books about mobile and smartwatch testing which became really popular in the software testing industry. However, on the peak of my professional career as software tester, I decided to become a product manager.

Many people asked me: “Why are you doing this? You are an expert in your field, why start from almost 0 again?” And there were more questions.

I bet you may have asked the same questions while reading the first sentences. If you want to know the answers to the questions, come to my talk. During this talk I will guide you through my personal journey from a software tester to a product manager and back to testing again and what you can learn from it.


About the speaker

Daniel loves digital products with high quality be they web or native mobile applications. In the past 10 years, he worked as Lead Software Test Engineer for different native mobile apps.

During his time as test engineer he wrote 2 books – Hands-On Mobile App Testing and Smartwatch App Testing. Since 2018, Daniel has been working as product manager at XING. In this role he is responsible for the product development for various XING products. All products are developed for web, iOS and Android.

He is a frequent blogger at

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SoftTest - Focusing on Quality in a Digital World

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