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Two Talks, Two Speakers

Talk 1: Chaos Testing in the Cloud
Speaker: Naomi O’Callaghan
Date: Wednesday 22nd September
Time: 6pm

About the talk

What do you do when you are faced with the requirement of providing the business with a globally accessible and always on product? Knowing that environmental bumps and network glitches will affect the performance and availability of your company’s flagship product.

You test to check that your applications and infrastructure are up to the job!

Key Takeaways:

This lightning talk tells the Travelport story of Resiliency Testing of a Cloud based product:

  • Building to be resilient
  • Searching for a suitable test tool
  • How we tested resiliency


About the speaker

Naomi O'Callaghan

Working in Software Testing for over 2 decades, mainly in distributed systems testing for large international companies, I still have a passion to see if it works.  Over the years, I have been working with the challenges of testing large scale networks within an Agile, Continuous Integration and Delivery context.  As a QA Manager, and now Engineering Manager, of Agile scrum teams, our challenges focus on building quality in as early as possible. After many years in telecommunications, I am now working in the travel industry. Most of my time is migrating applications to cloud platforms in an increasingly fast paced environment.


Talk 2: The Future of Work: how automation will change what we do and how we do it
Speaker: Rebecca Keenan
Date: Wednesday 22nd September
Time: 6:30pm

About the talk

In this talk, we look at how automation technologies are changing the way we work as the human and digital workforce continues to converge. We will look at the technologies driving these changes, implementation considerations and key roles for success so you can prioritise the needs of your people, hand over manual processes to the robots and create a workplace that works – for everyone.

About the speaker

rebecca Keenan

Rebecca Keenan, Global Head of Process Automation, Expleo Group

Rebecca is responsible for the development and delivery of Expleo’ s process automation capabilities, which support clients in the deployment and scaling of automation solutions within their organisations.

For Expleo, she has built a Global Service Offering by developing a Methodology and Best Practice Approach to implementing and deploying automation solutions. She is also responsible for establishing and maintaining Expleo’ s strategic relationships with software providers and regularly speaks at industry events providing real world insights into the challenges of deploying automated solutions.

Rebecca is passionate about diversity and inclusion in the workplace and as a leader in her sector, often speaks publicly about her experiences and the need for more women in technology.

SoftTest - Focusing on Quality in a Digital World

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