How To Get What You Want From Testing

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This free EuroSTAR event is run in association SoftTest, Skillnets and the Irish Software Innovation Network.




Free Software Testing Masterclass with Michael Bolton

EuroSTAR Conferences are delighted to bring you a half-day software testing masterclass with the support of SoftTest, Skillnets and the Irish Software Innovation Network.


Taking place in Dublin, this masterclass is presented by prolific software testing trainer and EuroSTAR 2013 Programme Chair, Michael Bolton. The event is free to attend and seats will be reserved on a first come, first served basis.

How To Get What You Want From Testing
(for Testers, Developers, and Managers)



Workshop Details

Date: 27th June 2014
Time: 08.30 to 12.00, registration from 0800hrs
The Kelly Theatre
National College of Ireland
Mayor Street
Dublin 1

Mich Bolton


You’re a manager, in charge of a software-based product or service. Or maybe you’re a tester, trying to figure out how to satisfy your manager or client. What is testing’s role?  What’s the difference between testing and quality assurance and quality control?  What can testing do for you?  What kind of questions should you ask your testers?  How do you get the best value out of testing?
 As a manager, you have the authority and the mandate to make important decisions about the project scope, staffing, budgets, customer relationships, product quality – and when the product is ready to be shipped.  Skilled testers provide you with an extension of your senses.  Skilled testers are like telescopes and microscopes, allowing you to see things that are very small or very far away.  Skilled testers are like satellite dishes, receiving signals from a great distance, or microphones, picking up tiny sounds and relaying them so that they can be heard.  Testers are like thermometers, allowing you to recognize whether things are too hot, too cold, or just right.  Testers are like smoke detectors, alerting you to potential danger in the product or on the project.  But the best kind of testing is not just data collection.  The best testers are like social scientists too, understanding the software, the systems that are connected with it, the people who use it, and the relationships between them.  In every sense, it’s the mission of testing to reveal information.  Nonetheless, as the manager of the project, you remain in control of what to do with the information that testers reveal.

In this session, Michael Bolton (who has extensive experience as a tester, as a programmer, and as a project manager) explains the role of skilled software testers, and why you might not want to think of testing as “quality assurance”.  He’ll present ideas about the relationship between management and testers, and about the service that testers really provide:  making quality assurance possible by lighting the way of the project.


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