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European Survey about the tester@work


At EuroSTAR 2011 in Manchester the kick off was given for this first European Benchmark to determine where we stand as testers @ work. This first surveys were completed but it was only a start to get much more respondents.

Where does the survey Tester @ work stands for?

Tester @ work is about the relationship between knowledge and skills of a software tester (given his training, certificates and experience) and what he actually does at work and in what (kind of) organization he is testing.


With the results of the benchmark it is possible tp draw conclusions through comparison. For example: to what extent are the capabilities of the software tester used in organizations? Based on the answers to these questions we can start a discussion where we really stand as testers in Europe or where does testers stand in a certain country compared to other countries.

Another example is what is the profile of a software tester in Europe or a specific European country? The survey was already done in the Netherlands and after more then 300 responds we have drawn some  conclusions. E.g. the Dutch testers is in general has a higher education then members of the Dutch parlement[1]. J

With such a profile it is possible to compair yourself with this tester profile. You can draw your own conclusions how well you are doing and where you can improve compared to ‘the tester’ in the benchmark.

And if we fill out the benchmark again in a few years we can determine the trends for the tester@work.

Collecting the information

But before we can draw some conclusions, we need much more completed surveys from all over Europe.   And for this we need YOUR help! 

You can fill out the questionnaire at or at It only takes about 10 minutes

Note: Please fill out the questionnaire from the point of view of the test job you are working on right now. For a consultant this can mean that he has to fill out the questionnaire from the point of view of another organization then the one paying his salary.


The results of the survey will be presented in an E-book of EuroSTAR conferences (spring 2012) and if you leave your e-mail address behind we will inform you about presentations and publications about the benchmark.


So grab your chance, fill out the benchmark survey and we all will know where we stand as testers in Europe.


Do you have any questions or comments please mail me: or give me a call:  Ard Kramer +31 6 14 78 12 68


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