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BY : softtestireland - Tuesday, March 28th, 2017 at 2:30 pm

SoftTest Ireland in association with Workday and the Software Skillnet would like to announce the following event:

Hugh Camphill: Test Trend Analysis: Towards Robust, Reliable and Timely UI Tests
Ken Brennock: The move to technical testers and other impacts of Agile

Date: April 12 at 6pm for a 6.30pm start
Location: Workday, May Lane, Smithfield, Dublin 7

Please note that Workday will kindly be supplying beer/pizza for the event.

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/dublin-event-softtest-workday-skillnet-tickets-33240961611

Test Trend Analysis: Towards Robust, Reliable and Timely UI Tests – Hugh Camphill

Writing good UI Automation is challenging. Slow, unreliable tests are typical problems that people can face. In this talk you will get ideas about how you can instrument your test result information to provide valuable insights, paving the way for more robust, reliable and timely test results.

By capturing this information over time, and when combined with visualization tools, we can answer different questions than with existing solutions (Allure / CI tool build history). Some examples of these are:

  • Which tests are consistently flaky
  • What are the common causes of failure across tests
  • Which tests consistently take a long time to run

Using this information we can move away from the ‘re-run’ culture and better support continuous integration goals of having quick, reliable, deterministic tests.

Key takeaways:

  • Why slow and non-deterministic tests are a problem
  • How visualization of test result information will help you have insights
  • Why capturing test result information over time is important

Bio: Hugh works as a Principal Software Engineer in Test with Liberty IT in Belfast. He has over ten years of experience in testing and automation, ranging from being a technical tester and an automation engineer, to providing training and coaching to help development teams test more effectively. He has been the organizer of the Belfast Selenium Meetup since 2013, and is a co-organizer of TestBash Belfast 2017.

The move to technical testers and other impacts of Agile – Ken Brennock

Organisations are moving to shorter release cycles which are made up of iterative and incremental development/testing cycles. This is not a new approach it has been tried and tested for more than 10 years. However, as this approach matures it is creating many challenges for teams, not least testers.

Part of this challenge has meant that organisations are looking to change the role and skills of testers. In particular to make testers more technical and looking for automation to replace manual testing. However, this attitude towards testers appears to be split between large traditional organisation and small, nimble organisation.

This presentation will look at these trends and compare those against a traditional approach and highlight and discuss the impact on testers. Focusing in particular on the following:

  • Automation/technical skills versus business skills
  • Speed of delivery
  • Communications
  • And finally the role of testers

Bio: Ken Brennock (non-exec director Exactest) is an experienced and accomplished Test and Quality manager with over 25 years ICT experience. Ken’s experience includes; setting up and managing teams and processes, implementing best practice test processes to meet business objectives and goals including the implementation of ISO, CMM, RUP and Agile methodologies.

Ken’s background was originally in manufacturing, but moved into software development. He has worked in a wide range of organisations including banking, telecommunications, insurance, utilities and public sector.

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