Cork event: Talks by Paul Gerrard & Rob Meaney

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Date: 22nd September 2016
Venue: VCE training Room, Mahon Cork
Time: 12.40 – 2.45 pm
Speakers: Paul Gerrard Consulting UK & Rob Meaney Newsweaver IRE
Topics (see below)
Light lunch available – Cost: Sponsored by Skillnet (with thanks)

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paul-gerrard2Paul Gerrard

Title: “New Model Testing and the Digital Age”

Digital is the buzz-phrase of the moment. Most new projects nowadays seem to be part of a ‘Digital Transformation’. Transformations in business and IT of any flavour are ambitious and not undertaken lightly. Digital must be important then. But what is it?

Is Digital the ‘app economy’? Certainly Digital involves mobile, the customer experience, social media and big data more and more. The SMAC acronym (Social, Mobile, and Analytics in the Cloud) summarises this view that the changes most companies want to make to their systems involve all four aspects.

This talk explores the Digital Revolution and suggests how the New Model fits Continuous Delivery, DevOps and Shift-Left – the pillars of Digital Testing. Testing could be the bottleneck that prevents success if testers don’t adapt, and quickly. How will testers survive? Paul describes and discusses key aspects of DevOps, ChatOps and Automation and identifies the new behaviours and skills required to succeed…

rob-meaneyRob Meaney

Title: “The 4 phases of effective testing (originally was full cycle testing explored)”

Abstract: We are all interested in being more effective testers but what is effective testing?

Rob describes effective testing as “quickly and efficiently revealing important value related information that helps stakeholders make informed risk related decisions”.

The talk describes and discusses 4 distinct phases in the test cycle and how each phase contributes to effective testing.

Context – Identifying the people that matter and what they value.
Checking – Identifying value related failure criteria and providing rapid feedback.
Exploration – Interacting with the product to uncover unexpected.
Validation – Real-time production monitoring and customer feedback.

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