Agile Environments Management Talk in Dublin with SoftTest (19th July)

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UPDATE: 14/07/2012 – We will now have two speakers on the night (previously we just had one). The first speaker will be Subhendu Mohapatra a Senior Consultant for BearingPoint Ireland. The second speaker will be Gordon Baisley the Head of Test Practice in Eircom. As ever please feel free to drop me an e-Mail( if I can help you with anything at all.


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Event Location

This event will take place in the Eircom building in Heuston South Quarter for the first time.


Talk 1

Agile Environments Management Talk with Subhendu Mohapatra

Agile software development practices combined with an exponential increase in the complexity of applications to be delivered through the release cycles has raised the bar for stable software environments. Software environments provide the platform for ensuring applications are successfully tested and released. Inappropriate management of environments increases the risk of providing test environments that are not a true reflection of the production environment and risk compromising on quality of testing.

Environments Management is a process within Release Management which relates to establishing environment management as a defined service that relates to defining and implementing processes to manage environments. In addition, it provides visibility to stakeholders on scheduling, planning and prioritising of the environments used across the projects.

Defining an Environment Management Process improves quality, availability and efficiency of environments in order to meet milestones and ultimately reduce time-to-market and costs.


Subhendu Mohapatra Bio

Subhendu Mohapatra is a Senior Consultant with BearingPoint, Ireland. Subhendu has been working with BearingPoint providing consultancy and helping a wide variety of clients to efficiently plan Release and Environments Management activities critical to sustaining and delivering IT Services.

With 13 years’ experience in the IT industry, Subhendu is a technology evangelist specialising in Release/Environments Management and is an active member with Release Management groups. Subhendu has recently published a white paper on Environments Management on CM Cross Roads –

BearingPoint is an independent management and technology consultancy managed and owned by its Partners throughout Europe. Serving commercial, financial and public services clients, BearingPoint focuses on offering its clients the best possible value in terms of tangible, measurable results by leveraging business and technology expertise.

Email –

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Talk 2


Introducing the ‘Environment Delivery Manager’ role with Gordon Baisley


Your Testing is only as good as the environments you tested on!

It’s not hard to think of scenarios where significant testing can be invalidated as the environment wasn’t right. In deploying service packs or version updates to off-the-shelf software it’s not uncommon to run a regression test pack to ensure any bespoking or configuration you’ve made is unaffected by the upgrade. In that situation the testing in itself would provide no particular warning that you’d accidentally run the regression test against a current version rather than upgraded environment. In complex projects, with changes made across many functions, and testing completed in a full integration environment, risks around effective version control and non-representative environments are increased.


In creating a central Test Practice, Eircom brought together Test resource from a variety of groups in to a single Test function. However, the team didn’t control provision of all the environments it used and so the risks above remained. To tackle this a new role was introduced to the team – the Environment Delivery Manager.


This presentation will introduce some more detail about the Test Practice at Eircom and why the Environment Delivery Manager role was created. It will introduce the characteristics of the role and what it will deliver to the organisation. In doing so, the presentation aims to encourage thought and discussion of how other organisations manage the same challenges.


Gordon Baisley Bio


Gordon Baisley is currently working at Eircom as Head of Test Practice. The Eircom Test Practice was created to provide a large, central, centre of excellence for testing to independently test changes across all programmes and releases and encompassing the technologies underpinning both the Eircom Fixed and Broadband and the Meteor mobile businesses.


Prior to coming to Eircom Gordon was Head of Testing for T-Mobile, then subsequently the combined Test Centre for Everything Everywhere, (following the merger of T-Mobile and Orange in the UK).

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